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Marching Band Ask

  • 8 to 5:

    What's the hardest drill set you've ever had?

  • Straight Leg:

    How much of your freshman show did you actually play and march?

  • Bicycle Step:

    What's the biggest mistake you've ever made on the field?

  • Crap Step:

    Has your band ever had a percussion feature? What was your favorite part?

  • Jazz Runs:

    What is the most memorable story you have about the color guard?

  • Parade Rest:

    Which competition was your favorite?

  • Body Work:

    What is the coolest visual in your show?

  • Mark-Time:

    Who's the best marcher in your section?

  • Home Hash:

    Do you have a field judge story? How does it go?

  • Home Sideline:

    What is your favorite stands/pep tune?

  • Visitor Hash:

    Of all the band that you've met, which one was the nicest and why?

  • Visitor Sideline:

    Which one was the rudest and why?

  • Stands/Bleachers:

    Rate your stands dancing on a scale of 1 to 10.

  • Goal line:

    What is the most memorable game you've had?

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